20 Anniversary of the Center for Social Integration Move Your Mind! ✌?✌?

From FEAFES Mental Health Caceres took a while organized with great enthusiasm, Celebration of the 20 Anniversary of the Center for Social Integration, through the event Move your mind! It will be the 22 November the 2019 of 09:30 a 20:00, with a symbolic inscription 1 Kilo of food for the Food Bank.

Move your mind! It has two parts: Barriers days Invisibles and Coexistence through movement, to generate an open space to society. Aims: "Promoting social inclusion of people with mental health diagnosis and disability, through information, social networks and movement ". Then you specify each party:

INVISIBLE BARRIERS DAYS: will be 09:30 a 14:00, in Room Clavellinas (C / Clavellinas). The schedule is as follows:

  • 09:30: Inscription.
  • 10:00 Opening.
  • 10:30 Invisible barriers: Representatives of different associations of persons with disabilities, They speak of false myths and prejudices of society towards these groups. We will have presentations from:
    • Association of the Deaf
    • Divertea
    • Cocemfe
    • Mental Health FEAFES Cáceres.
  • 12:00 Break.
  • 12:30: CIS: Past, Present and future: People who are part of the Social Integration Center, will present the evolution of our center. Finally as the saying goes, "Good-born is to be grateful", It will be the time when the Social Integration Center wishes to acknowledge the collaboration of some people and organizations over the years.

COEXISTENCE THROUGH MOVEMENT: We change of facilities and we will move us to the Civic center of Mejostilla (C / Arsenio Gallego Hernández, 6) of 15:30 a 20:00. An open living the whole society, with the collaboration of different professional dance and physical activity. Programming that we enjoy is:

  • 15:30 Reception.
  • 16:00 Flamenco class, thanks to the School of Dance Mara Palacios.
  • 17:00 Folklore class, Cacereña provided by the Folklore Association of the roll.
  • 18:00 Danza Urbana; Current steps we will teach Ana Bravo García (@ anita_bg98)
  • 19:00 Bachata, We conclude with Latin rhythms.

Thank you for all your attention, decidáis expect to join Move your mind! and celebrate with us 20 Anniversary of the Center for Social Integration of Mental Health FEAFES Cáceres.

Enrollment is up 21 of November 2019 and you can do it in: admin@feafescaceres.com; Phone: 927 213 952.