Topic of the Month: benefits of the rural environment in mental health # 8RetosSM

We continue with our advocacy, people aware that there is no health without mental health, this month will discuss the benefits of the rural environment in mental health.

According to recent studies grow in a green environment affects better mental health Adult. The study by researchers at the University of Aarhus, in Denmark, concludes that children who are in contact with nature have a 55% lower risk of developing various psychiatric illnesses, as anxiety or depression, later in life. Hence the need, They insist the authors of this work, to redesign cities to incorporate greener and more sustainable and healthy.

The study results add to the growing body of scientific evidence on how nature has a beneficial impact on human health, both physical and mental. And how urban environments, with all that noise behave, air pollution, stress and few green areas, increase the risk of developing many diseases, from obesity to cancer, through mental: known, for example, that the risk of developing schizophrenia for children growing up in highly urbanized environments is almost a 200% highest.

With this action we want to continue our work sensitization and reaching the largest possible number of people and to end the social stigma that carries with it have a Mental illness.

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