8 Mental Health Challenges

FEAFES Mental Health Cáceres, He has been working for the benefit of Persons with Mental Illness from 1990, launching various awareness campaigns, working for family care and managing various resources as a Residential Rehabilitation Center a Center for Social Integration, leisure and free time, a Program of Rehabilitation and Work Placement, Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation, Volunteering, Social responsability, Family Respite Center, among others.

Today we take a little step trying to make the invisible visible and to raise public awareness that There is no health without mental health and as we are in the XXI century, era of Internet and new technologies we believe the best way to reach people is through these. Therefore we start with the new section on website and social networks 8 Mental Health Challenges, where each month will be treated on mental health in different areas and sectors of society, and that mental health is transversal and affects us all.

With this action we want to continue our work sensitization and reaching the largest possible number of people and to end the social stigma that carries with it have a Mental illness.

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