Social Integration Center (C.I.S.)

The facility is for people with mental illness a scanning unit, attitudes and skills training, for promoting the integration of these people into society.

The workshops are based on the main objectives of the center: Explore learning and training activities to provide it to develop in society Y "Generalization of experiences to other situations for maintaining the achievements and projecting at other times and places." To achieve the workshops focus on three areas of intervention:

  • Social area AND FAMILY: all activities focused on improving and increasing appropriate social behavior. To promote social integration, In addition to improving and strengthening their relationship with their family environment. Some of the workshops and / or activity are intended to perform:
    • Role Playing dynamics.
    • Social Skills Workshop and problem solving.
    • Community outings: excursions, dynamic, talks, events,... To provide opportunities to develop social supports and to expand their social networks.
    • Assists users and family: where reporting, to plan,... activities in society.
  • AREA REHABILITATION PEDAGÓGICA: workshops focused on developing skills, aptitudes, attitudes, … of the users, Some of these workshops and / or activities that make this area are:
    • Dynamic Reeducation, motivation and improvisation.
    • Healthy Living Workshop.
    • Skills workshop self-control and stress management.
    • Memory workshop
  • AREA PSYCHOMOTRICITY: this area is a great support for basic learning work needed for the rehabilitation process, some significant workshops are:
    • Dynamic body expression.
    • Sports and popular games.
    • Craftroom and recycling.
    • Orientation workshop.

Definitely: A place where they, Freeform, make decisions, of the activities they want to participate and the time they want to use. Creating new social networks to strengthen them personally.

Centro de Integración Social
Centro de Integración Social

Integral Accompaniment Program

Our Social Integration Center is the first center Estremadura, which means new demands, consequence of aging users and their environment. So this program is a response to the needs and demands expressed during the latter years of the center's users.

We aim to contribute to improving the living conditions of this group through a social support service that complements the CIS. This program is mainly based on individualized plans for each beneficiary, because all users have a different situation so they need a specific intervention.

The base will promote the autonomy of people with mental illness through direct intervention, in your enviroment (home visities, family mediation, conflict resolution,…) with the goal of reducing their isolation. Through individual attention of people with mental illness. Where he user is the main subject for decision-making de su proceso rehabilitation.

Centro de Integración Social