Key aspects for Suicide Prevention Plan

Suicide is a major public health; World Health Organization (WHO) notes that nearly one million people die each year from this cause in the world, with a mortality rate 16 For each 100.000, representing a death every 40 second, more of 800.000 people annually in the world and in Spain the figure is 10 people a day. Thus, It is necessary suicide prevention plan have sufficient resources to deal with cases of people with suicidal behavior, their families and those people suicide survivors.

Considering the prevention of suicidal behavior within the model of classical preventive health care from public health, all prevention plan suicidal behavior should include the integration of primary prevention for general population, secondary prevention for suicidal risk groups and tertiary prevention to people who have already submitted suicidal behavior. So they are elements that must appear undoubtedly within the shares to develop and carry out.

On these bases, and analyzing the various existing plans seems essential to take into account a number of common elements and key to all of them, when developing a prevention plan. So we can quote:

  • Promoting mental health.
  • Specific training in mental health stakeholders.
  • Programs for vulnerable groups.
  • Programs targeting high-risk groups.
  • Restricting access to lethal means.

It is vital to stress the need for institutional support and government support to carry out initiatives. And the weight of, and magnitude you are having suicidal behavior and benefits of prevention and intervention at all levels.

Training of health professionals and social agents for early identification, evaluation, treatment and monitoring of people at risk of suicidal behavior is an essential element, priority and all necessary prevention plan. It would therefore specific training which should appear in the field of mental health and aimed at both health professionals and non-health professionals but essential in the detection or intervention of suicidal behavior such as educators , police, firefighters…

Create a process or tracking system within the social services system, of those identified as risk population, promotes continuity of care and non-duplication of resources, as well as quality care and greater efficiency in managing the potential risks, minimizing the possibility of suicide behavior resulting accomplished.

In connection with the above idea, the creation of a case management system would be an effective tool for more successful prevention. And referral to specific resources for rehabilitation or treatment of underlying conditions that may exist. Kingdom this idea, creating resources or support services for people affected or survivors of suicidal behavior would be an essential complement to prevention, intervention and postvention of suicidal behavior.

Promote public awareness regarding welfare issues and mental health. that is to say, raising general awareness of the impact, magnitude and consequences of suicidal behavior tackling stress management and effective management of crisis situations. It would be an element that not only reduce the stigma associated, it would facilitate the creation of protocols in different areas aimed at reducing suicide rates.

On the other hand, restrict access to lethal means can not be ignored in any plan, since it is an element of direct intervention in the results. This aspect referring to control toxic, medicines, weapons ... the design of public works to prevent use as lethal means. It has been found that this measure is one of the fastest and most obvious to reduce suicide rates.

Another aspect that should influence the prevention plans suicidal behavior passes to attend the media and treatment of suicidal behavior is done in the same.

Finally note the ideas on the need for investigation as a key and beneficial element that should pick up any plan for the prevention of suicidal behavior. Since the results of research on aspects of epidemiology, Risk and protective factors, neurobiology of suicidal behavior, effective strategies and preventive actions, cultural differences…, It will depend not only targeting prevention plans but the results of these will ensure greater success in reducing suicide rates.

Because suicide is preventable.

If you need help do not hesitate to call 112, phone against suicide.