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In 2006 And O.N.U. It adopted the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. It was subsequently ratified by the Spanish State and, so, part of our domestic law. We are pleased to see that in the Manual of Good Practice Attorney, in implementing the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, It is proposed to replace the term internment by the ENTRY.

INAUGURATION OF THE CENTER OF FEAFES Family Respite-CÁCERES. The 17 May the new resource available to our Association visited, Family Respite Center, the first of its kind in Extremadura, given by the City of Baños de Montemayor. The equipment has been made possible by the collaboration of Fundación Seur, Premysa Foundation and the money raised at the charity concert by Raquel Palma.

10 OCTOBER: World Mental Health Day

This year 2011 It was held the XIII World Mental Health Day whose theme was: "Responding to the Challenge: HELPS IMPROVE MENTAL HEALTH "

This improvement involves aspects such as: the fight against stigma, empowerment and recovery of people with health problems, the rights of people with mental illness and their families and the effectiveness of community care model for mental health.

Marginalization and social stigmatization is another serious repercussions must still support people with mental disorder, their families and even, the professionals who work. The stigma is so severe that even discourages people to recognize that they have a health problem and seek treatment.

Misinformation and lack of knowledge about mental illness produce discrimination and rejection by society.

FEAFES-CÁCERES joined the commemoration of World Mental Health Day with a campaign to eradicate the stigma of collective. This campaign consisted of a series of posters located in the Ruta de la Plata shopping center, which they have been replaced temporarily since April with positive messages that invite us to reflect on the deal that society is giving people with mental illness.

All the signs have been exposed 10 al 17 October at a local loan from Ruta de la Plata shopping center and have been presented by the president of FEAFES-CÁCERES, Ms. Felipa Malpartida Iglesias and Ambassador of the mental health of our organization D. José Luis Franco "Franquete". Councilor for Social Affairs, Accessibility and the Mayor, Ms. Marisa Caldera proceeded to read the Manifesto of the World Mental Health Day.

3 DECEMBER: World Disability Day

Mental illness has been recognized as a disability. This makes us co-responsible for that date to be present and to carry out specific activities in coordination with the rest of the group, to show the whole of society the need for strong measures to ensure equal treatment, equal rights and opportunities and eliminating barriers and discrimination that remain in place.

Last 2 from December, on the occasion of World Disability Day, a circuit was performed to check the accessibility of our city. The tour began at the headquarters of the association COCEMFE, lasting half an hour. On this tour they were used, by participants without disabilities, wheelchair, masks and canes, etc. to check, in first person, the difficulties of people with disabilities. This tour was conducted by Ms.. Mayor of Cáceres, Councilor for Social Affairs and members of the various associations belonging to the Sectoral Council on Disability, including our Association FEAFES-CÁCERES.