Inclusiva council 2019

It seems like a lie, but since 12 months, We keep you informed of all our activities and we show our world through social networks. At the same as last year, It is 26 OCTOBER, We participate in the days of coexistence Inclusiva council, the Fourth Edition, organized by Diputación de Cáceres.

This time we could meet Moraleja, our student interns Sara Mostazo He tells us that: "They had come to the very special welcome and guide through laughter which took us to the area of ​​stands and activities. Although the stands were close together associations, It was an opportunity that allowed us to become better acquainted with other associations ".

Sara M. It was the first time he went with us / as, to like some of the people of our association, for example Pilar Cáceres, Psychologist Occupational Rehabilitation Center (CRL), Who thinks of this experience: "I have only good words of thanks to the organizers. We enjoyed a wonderful day where we could live with more people and share activities, at the same time create new ties. "Certainly for us Inclusiva Council is an event of Coexistence, fun and bonding.

A Coexistence Between more of 500 people from different parts of the province Cáceres, but also among all those who participated from Mental Health FEAFES Cáceres. Because as he explains Gloria Benitez, management team and voluntary: "This experience allows us, especially, meet outside the workplace, enjoy doing activities with them and see how they operate outside their usual environment. Is especially important relationships with other associations, exchanging ideas and sharing experiences, all wonderful, because when you work in the social world the heart makes you a little bigger. "

On the other hand, fun goes hand set of different sports activities mainly (human football, archery ...) but most she liked Juani, Julia and Juanma people ranging from the Social Integration Center (CIS), all agreeing that the best moment of all was the charanga, where they enjoyed dancing and singing. This year wanted to be an active part of this day, and after several days of organization and work of the people who make our association and professional, It was time for the Oca of emotions, in which we could play with the giant since we developed for the occasion. "We adapt the large goose, to make a board game accessible to a sporting event like this, "he tells Fernando Pérez, Occupational Therapist Center Residential Rehabilitation. "La Oca of emotions is a dynamic that we love to perform for emotional education, since we can work our emotional vocabulary and analyze situations and behaviors of each of the emotions ", Gemma explains Gómez, Social educator of the Center for Social Integration.

And the union especially among associations People with disabilities promoting cooperation and networking in the province of Cáceres. This union became more visible in the food where all participants ate together, It is one of the moments of the day most anticipated by some of our users from the residential center.
But nevertheless, Maria Sanchez, CIS instructor and CRL, He points out that we should not forget the importance of these sessions to get feedback from other associations always watching the benefit for users. But without any doubt, It was an enriching experience both personally and professionally.

When finished the day the whole group agreed we were tired because of all the emotions experienced throughout the day. In summary, and words angel Moreno, administration: "Diputación Inclusiva is an event where people of different groups meet with different capacities in a playful atmosphere and a very friendly atmosphere, in which relationships and contacts are created between the different associations and individuals.

From FEAFES-Caceres we are happy to return another year to participate in council sessions Inclusiva V.