Bipolar Disorder

In this article we are going to make an introduction to bipolar disorder, that we can basically be defined as a severe mental disorder that requires psychological treatment and drug.

This disorder involves changes in mood, sudden and severe changes.

Let's consider two poles, one of them would the Depression and the other mania, as well, the person would go from one pole to another in a very short period of time.

When the person is in the depressive phase, It is sad, disheartened, not wanting to do anything and with very negative thoughts, whereas when the person is in the manic phase, feel a huge euphoria, overflowing joy and think they are, literally, capable of anything, which is extremely dangerous for them, as outstanding examples say that manic phase the person can spend all your money, having sex with strangers uncontrollably or make sudden employment decisions.

Between cycles the person has a mood considered normal.

This disorder begins to habitually late adolescence or early adulthood and lifelong, although today's treatments help the person get to not having those changes so abrupt and to have a normal life.

As for the causes of this disorder, the truth is that nothing is clear, the different specialists give different versions, but the truth, It is that it could be genetic causes an abnormal structure or brain function, but as we say there is nothing conclusive.

It is essential that we make it clear that bipolar disorder has nothing to do with a split personality, because unfortunately the enormous ignorance makes people feel that there is the same, but there is nothing further from reality, since the person does not change his personality but his mood.

As with all patients psychological illnesses, It is essential to the support of family and friends, support that not only helps them feel better, understood and respected, but also if we have the necessary information we can help with therapy.