Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (TOC)

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder It is one of the psychological disorders that can more hear, but, But nevertheless, there is a huge lack of knowledge, not only about what is, but we myths around it.

On the one hand, we will explain in broad terms consisting. OCD patient has a number of negative thoughts and repetitive They are causing huge discomfort to the patient, These thoughts may focus on different topics, Cleaning, death, sex, They can also be thoughts about yourself or people around us.

On the other hand, the patient may have a series of compulsions, not all patients have. These compulsions have as its theme the same obsessions, for example, If obsessive thinking is cleaning, compulsion may consist handwashing 10 times in a row or take some sort of disinfectant often. Another example may be obsessive thinking security, whose compulsion may be to see if we closed the door 8 Sometimes before we left home. Not only is there a compulsion, but the person may have different rituals you need to do to be quiet.

These compulsions exist as a way for the person to relax and keep away your thoughts.

The fact that as we said, there is much ignorance about the subject, makes people have wrong about being disease and patients suffer ideas.

One of the most widespread myths is that people with hobbies are People with OCD or sure they will suffer in the future.

The truth is that this is not true, There are many people who have certain hobbies or habits, but that's not a compulsive disorder and therefore not have to be treated or removed.

It is also important to bear in mind that people who have these disorders suffer, They are aware that they have a major problem and that their obsessions or compulsions are not "normal" and therefore see the need to end them.

There are also many people who think that there is no treatment, but it is not like that, we currently have very effective treatments both psychological and pharmacological. Best in most cases is to combine both treatments.

What is really important OCD patients, It is to feel understood by their loved ones, because sometimes they feel rejection or the weirdo in your family or group of friends believe.

If you have a relative or friend with OCD you should try to put in place, and it is essential to have adequate information about the disorder and especially to treat the issue naturally, that way you will be his greatest support