Promotion of social entrepreneurship in the field of disability in the field of Social Services Extremadura

When the idea for this project, we do to bring our experience, our faults, mistakes and what we have learned from them, for years in terms of social economy.

To do advise, sensibilizaremos to inform and entities Disability care in Extremadura, by putting in value the social economy and the importance of responding to the social challenges of the territory and mental health of people living in the.

From where we were and the way in which we are currently developing our work as an association, we have articulated an area of ​​work within the Social Economy called Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation, We understand that it is a formula that will enable us to meet two objectives, on the one hand to obtain resources to viability association (as each day have more social needs and resources are lower) and secondly to a job opportunity for people with mental illness we work daily, and which are formed, prepared and trained. Finding ourselves in the business area they can not be absorbed, giving them the opportunity to get a job. This formula will continue with pre-labor interventions, training and supported employment have been developing since FEAFES Cáceres.

The approach of empowerment and social inclusion of people with disabilities through employment in sheltered work environments is an approach that has been proven innovative, The Supported Employment.

On the other hand, there is a change in the third sector to incorporate activities that create a business model in which social organizations, they can generate income, and a sustainable and economically viable activity. Generally these activities stand out for social innovation.

The social economy, It is part of our DNA , it is within our goals and values. As one of our current and future bets.


ESSDEX goals


The program aims to implement a service Training, advice Y training to accompany the creation and / or consolidation of companies in the social economy Estremadura, in the field of social services for attention to disability.

This program is aimed at professionals entrepreneurship, boards, volunteers, entities responsible for disability, People who receive business management training, Business models, special employment centers and enterprises in the social economy, economic and administrative training, among other issues relevant to business creation. In addition to mental health training for professionals who join us during the project.

Starting from this, the project to promote social entrepreneurship in the field of disability in the field of social services of Extremadura ESSDEX, It is twofold .

  • Specific advice to entities of Social Economy, its directors and managers on their business model and social impact. How to do it more economically viable and sustainable and train mental health.
  • Activities to raise awareness of social entrepreneurship and social economy in the disability sector, social economy about students UEX, school students in the health area, schools and society in general Estremadura.

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