Residential rehabilitation center and supervised apartments

Decent housing is a fundamental and inherent right of all people. Mental illness, sometimes, endangers this right. Because, we offer alternatives to people with mental illness, when more or less temporarily, They can not live with sufficient autonomy, or do not have family or social support for it.

The Residential Rehabilitation Center and the Overseen floors (CRR y PS), They are a residential resort, Community character, with a rehabilitative purpose, which they form part of the public mental health network (Access is through this network).

They are intended for people diagnosed with a serious mental disorder (schizophrenia, bipolar disorders, personality disorders, etc.), as a consequence of their situation, require support and supervision:

  • Ensure coverage of basic housing needs, support and maintenance.
  • Improve their personal autonomy, social and family, through a rehabilitation process.
  • Staying in the community, improving social integration in the best possible standards and quality of life.

CRR and PS has different types of places, depending on the duration:

  • Long stay spaces (more than a year). As an alternative to prolonged hospitalization, designed to avoid situations of abandonment or social exclusion due to lack of support or social network.
  • Average stay spaces (one month to one year): Transition from hospital to the community and / or family, or preparing for more independent living options.
  • Short stay spaces (a weekend to one month): Emergency care and social emergency, respite or crisis situations.

Since these resources, we offer:

  • accommodation, support and maintenance, with support and supervision 24 hours a day.
  • family atmosphere, where residents participate in the care and housing organization, the necessary support.
  • Care model based on Psychosocial Rehabilitation, custom, flexible and tailored to the needs of each person, in every moment.
  • Promotion of personal autonomy, through rehabilitation programs in self-care, daily life activities, psicoeducación, improving skills and capabilities, leisure and free time, community integration, etc.
  • Based Installations warmth and respect for privacy, whilst promoting the interaction between people.
  • Encouraging participation in community resources of any kind.
  • Coordination with socio-sanitary and public health network resources, to ensure comprehensive and continuous care.

The team of CRR and PS is formed by a multidisciplinary team, composed by: Director / a Technical, Psychologist / a, Occupational therapist, monitors / as educators / as, caregivers / the, Domestic assistant and administrative assistant / a.


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