Purpose of the Association

  • The claim, awareness and dissemination by improving primary and specialty care, and the dissemination of adequate mental health, to combat stigma and eliminate prejudices.
  • The empowerment and representation of movement, giving and receiving advice and support at all levels, as strategies to better defend the rights of FEAP; increasing visibility in society and encouraging the participation of those and their families in the associative field.
  • The coordination and collaboration, strengthening communication channels with the other organizations involved in caring for people with mental illness, developing cooperation agreements and exchange of experiences with other associations and institutions that perform similar actions.
  • The strengthening and internal cohesion, increasing the involvement of the various human resources of the association and improving communication, to foster greater exercise of responsibility and greater efficiency in achieving the mission.
  • The service deliveryBasic to the FEAP and their families as an association; and promoting the creation and / or management of other specialized resources, to encourage a process of integral rehabilitation and community integration.