How does the program incorporates La Caixa works?

It is a program promoting employment promoted by the Social "la Caixa" Foundation and aimed at people at risk of exclusion.

The program aims to bridge the gap between companies and specialized organizations working with these groups to create a climate of trust that allows implement joint projects.

If you are an entrepreneur / a, can promote corporate social responsibility of your company through the program incorporates.

The program promotes a network of technical / as in employment to encourage actions to labor intermediation of groups at risk of social exclusion: People with disabilities, young people with special difficulties, long-term unemployed, older than 45 years, people with mental disorders, victims of gender violence, persons deprived of liberty, etc.

Suma your business to network incorporates Extremadura

– We are a network of entities with the aim of incorporating social and labor people we work with.
– Free offer quality services to businesses hiring people.
– We integrate the business needs of the environment and people, while we foster the commitment of the company.

Figure technician / a employability

It is the professional responsible for establishing contact between job seekers and companies willing to incorporate people with difficulties.

What we offer companies?

  1. advice:
    • Grants for hiring or bonuses to Social Security.
    • Compliance with LISMI, for hiring people with disabilities.
    • corporate actions or corporate social responsibility.
    • Analysis of professional profiles.
  2. Management jobs. Selection and pre-selection of candidates / as.
  3. personalized tracking of individuals hired and the company to contribute to the proper adaptation to the post.
  4. Assessment the insertion process and satisfaction
    business tissue.

How does this program?
The job seeker and belongs to groups covered by the program goes to one of the Group companies Incorporates Extremadura where their skills are evaluated and their professional profile is established.

From here a custom integration pathway starts to get access to a job.

Furthermore companies are visited to probe their staffing needs and to include in their job candidates / as program.

Once they gained access to a job and a job accompanying tracked, which allows the worker / adapt more easily to their new job.