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It incorporates Mental Health “the box”

is a social integration program which aims job placement firm in ordinary people with mental health problems.

The initiative incorporates Mental Health Program is the result of demand from the world of business and social organizations to respond to one of the groups most affected by unemployment.

Stigma towards people with mental illness hinders the development of a life project full autonomy and equal opportunities with the rest of society. To help improve this situation is the purpose of this program. Decent and quality work is a big step for the social integration of people with mental disorders.

Program objectives

The objectives of the program incorporates Mental Health Social Work “the box” son:

  • generate more job opportunities in ordinary business through collaboration with social organizations adhering to the program incorporates.
  • Offer companies an alternative Corporate social responsibilityl (RSE) for the employment of people with mental health problems, in collaboration with the network of entities Incorporates.
  • Empower entities It incorporates network to enhance their employability of people with mental disorders and contribute to the training of its technical / technical.

Labor integration, shared social commitment

It incorporates success Mental Health Program is the network of collaborative work articulated in each region around more of 350 social organizations that form. Of them, about 60 usually they serve and advise the group of people with mental health problems in their job search process.

The program incorporates Mental Health, based on the methodology of Supported Employment (ECA), It is willing to respect the insertion own models of each territory and, at the same time, to enhance them to improve the quality and quantity of the additions to the regular market of people with mental disorders.

The task of supporting and monitoring by technicians insertion of social institutions is essential for, both the company and the worker, experience optimal integration process. Thus, technicians develop the following guidelines:Imagen Empleo Incorpora La Caixa

  • Asesoramiento in detecting Y recruitment needs analysis

Program technicians can help the company studying its dynamic activity and flow of recruitment. A) Yes, it is easier to synchronize collaborations staff integration (e, even, the training) between the company and incorporates.

  • ApoI in the analysis and definition of professional profiles according the requirements of the company

It is important to detail the required profile person for each job as, sometimes, offers only define a category (for example, kitchen assistant), with few details about the requirements demanded and the tasks. This prevents misunderstandings and important differences between the actual need of the company and the need interpreted by the technician incorporates incurred.

  • Conducting screening processes

It incorporates performs the pre-selection of candidates it considers suitable for the jobs required by the company; even so, the latter who will determine their admission or not in the selection process. Through these processes, the match between labor supply is provided and the person candidate, that is to say, the company not you a job seeker arrives, but the optimal candidate person to fill this job.

  • Active recruitment

It incorporates a provider will reference personnel for the company, since he knows their needs, and the employability of people attending. The program provides quality service as embodied in the presentation of candidates and shortlisted candidates, as well as the commitment to carry out a thorough monitoring of the incorporation process, adaptation and maintenance job.

  • Tracing
    • Dand workers
      • It incorporates coach will be the benchmark for integrated person and promote their progressive growth competential, facilitating the maintenance of the workplace and enhancing their career development.
    • Of incidents
      • At any point in the process, the company has an interlocutor to respond to issues and incidents arising. The type and frequency of monitoring, either in person or not, It will be agreed between those involved


Mental Health Feafes-Cáceres, Referring entity

Since 2017 FEAFES - Mental Health Cáceres becomes Entity concerning mental health and employment program It incorporates Mental Health for the province of Cáceres.

Regarding the concept of Entity refers to the tasks relating to training and advice, dissemination and innovation that the company has on organizations not specialized in mental health and businesses in its scope.

The services currently provided FEAFES - Mental Health Cáceres are:

  • Personalized advice service aimed at professionals and incorporates the province with the aim of informing, training and guidance on any questions that may arise at different stages of social and labor inclusion of people with mental health problems:
  • Reception
  • comprehensive assessment of the professional profile of the person
  • Design of the training-employment itinerary
  • Job intermediation
  • job placement
  • Support for maintenance
  • Development work for the promotion of career

Inquiries can refer to coordination issues, technical management, regulations, etc. and can be held in person, by phone or email.

Training through working sessions specialized entities in order to improve the employability of people with mental health problems associated.


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