The endless story

Collaborative story made in the Memory workshop at CIS with the dice from story cubes, is a game to discover with family or friends. On each turn one player becomes a Narrator. The dice are rolled, and then create a story that begins with "Once upon a time ...", interesting truth?, well there goes the story:

“Fernando was walking through the field, when he suddenly saw an arrow and was very surprised, he followed the arrow and saw some footprints leading to a large cave, when i get to the cave, He took out his wand and suddenly I saw that everyone was sad and I was sad too.

But the sadness soon passed us because we saw a honeycomb and we were able to take some honey and eat it together and keeping an eye on the bees, So I took the cane and hit it harder.

Suddenly in the cave we saw an L-shaped ray of light and from which we saw a huge lake. Suddenly, on the shore of the lake, we took some rods that were abandoned and we began to fish all the fish that were in that lake. Fernando stuck a splinter in the cane and we had to use a magnifying glass to get it out. But since we couldn't get it out, we had to go to the hospital to have the splinter removed. The hospital was abandoned and only one light bulb in one of the rooms worked. Then I saw a star and that star gave light. But the light was not enough and I had to use a wand of stars with which everything was illuminated.

As we were all very overwhelmed at the hospital, we went outside to see trees, then lightning struck the hospital. Seeing this, we realized that we are in a long meadow at midnight where we only had the company of sheep. Seeing the sheep from afar, we approach them and on the ground near the fence, I found a compass that took us to the farthest place in the field and there was a demon that wanted to eat the sheep, they were eating apples while the lightning struck, with the flashes as lights, We woke up and realized that it had all been a dream and we talked to each other and we thought it was a very beautiful dream.”