There comes the Challenge # 20MueveTuMente!

The countdown for the Celebration 20 Anniversary of the Center for Social Integration, gradually comes Move your mind!.

We want to be an innovative and social event, as is our center. So we've created this Challenge:

The challenge of # 20MueveTuMente fingers symbolizes ✌✌ you want to remove the invisible barriers of society towards people with mental health problems.

We want through social networks we can reach more people, to join our movement.

Therefore I encourage you to join with us @ s, INSTRUCTIONS:

Too easy, upload your photo with your fingers in this antifaz, as one you want / or or accompanied / or, with a white background or an ideal landscape. After Accompany our hashtag #20MueveTuMente Y #20AniversarioCIS. If you're embarrassing you can also collaborate by sharing one of our publications with Challange finger ✌✌.

Since our partnership every day this month will go up a picture of different people who join our movement.

The day 22 of November 2019, will end our challenge and celebrate this Move your mind!, nails on INVISIBLE BARRIERS DAYS and through movement CONVIVENCIA. A space open to society, which aims: encourage social inclusion of people with mental health problems and disability, through information, social networks and movement.

We hope you and move your MIND!

Thank you very much in advance.