In this article we are going to make an introduction to bipolar disorder, that we can basically be defined as a severe mental disorder that requires psychological treatment and drug.

This disorder involves changes in mood, sudden and severe changes.

Let's consider two poles, one of them would the Depression and the other mania, as well, the person would go from one pole to another in a very short period of time.

When the person is in the depressive phase, It is sad, disheartened, not wanting to do anything and with very negative thoughts, whereas when the person is in the manic phase, feel a huge euphoria, overflowing joy and think they are, literally, capable of anything, which is extremely dangerous for them, as outstanding examples say that manic phase the person can spend all your money, having sex with strangers uncontrollably or make sudden employment decisions.

Between cycles the person has a mood considered normal.

This disorder begins to habitually late adolescence or early adulthood and lifelong, although today's treatments help the person get to not having those changes so abrupt and to have a normal life.

As for the causes of this disorder, the truth is that nothing is clear, the different specialists give different versions, but the truth, It is that it could be genetic causes an abnormal structure or brain function, but as we say there is nothing conclusive.

It is essential that we make it clear that bipolar disorder has nothing to do with a split personality, because unfortunately the enormous ignorance makes people feel that there is the same, but there is nothing further from reality, since the person does not change his personality but his mood.

As with all patients psychological illnesses, It is essential to the support of family and friends, support that not only helps them feel better, understood and respected, but also if we have the necessary information we can help with therapy.


September arrives and from Mental Health Feafes Cáceres We continue making people aware that there is no health without mental health, This month we'll talk about the importance of family in Mental Health.

We have often heard how important the family for each of us, almost always we take important decisions based on the concept of family, as this concept we have learned since we were kids, girls and we built throughout life.

There are critical moments for the family, for example, the separation of a couple who, as founders of this by separating can leave children feeling that everything is over and they run grave dangers because their parents are no longer together.

This detail gives us a clear example of how we tend to distort the real importance of family in our lives, a family is not based on a home "home" with all its members within, a family is much more than that, the role it plays in society and for each one of us is fundamental because it is the natural and appropriate environment in which we constantly develop as individuals.

The family meets three basic functions for the healthy development of each of its members: protection, providing care and affection.

Despite cultural changes, social and information revolution we have experienced in recent times, the family remains the most important for proper mental health of people.

Facebook, Twiter, Youtube and other interactive media have failed to replace a warm embrace, a pleasant conversation or parental guidance and family goal setting.

The joy of sharing good and bad times at home is something we are leaving aside lately, desconectándonos of our loved ones. This estrangement has several explanations, begins with the terrible traffic that exists in different cities, by excessive working hours, study days, etc.

Going turning away from our family, we become prone to illness or difficulties in our mental health. The importance of family is something timeless and will be the best remedy for problems.


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The welfare of the elderly is our commitment and, thus, we want to present all findings about eldercare so they can enjoy a better life in its final stage, both mentally and physically.

Company that animals bring people around him is no secret, but the truth is that the benefits provided by animals to people and, more especially, the elderly are numerous and relevant. We need to translate these benefits because they can be helpful for older people throughout the world and for some users of our family locator.

The therapeutic power of the animals can be made visible in different scenarios. The first is to have an animal at home as a dog or a cat because his presence alone brings many benefits in people. It is shown that with your company, interact with them, care for or just perceive you can reach reduce stress due to the production of endorphins in the central nervous system is stimulated, increasing the sense of peace and tranquility. In fact, the Viladecans Hospital says this theory has since conducted a study in which the results highlight a 60% homes with pets have a mood and health more favorable, compared to those without animals live.

On the other hand, the second stage of the healing power of animals shown in Animal Assisted Interventions Company (IAA) Animal-assisted therapy or (TAA) which aim to improve the quality of life and promote the health of people with special needs through participation pet. this therapy, also called Zooterapia, It is to encourage and motivate people to evolve in areas such as communication, social, affective, cognitive physics. Animals, which they are usually dogs and, in some case, Horses must meet a number of requirements for therapy work.

These therapies are especially focused on people with illnesses such as depression, anxiety and sleep disorders, Besides being a good tool to reduce tensions and to help people suffering from heart disease, Asthma and chronic pain. We see that although elderly people are not being addressed exclusively, If that They have numerous benefits for this segment of the population because they help alleviate common health problems in older people. Georgia State University and Idaho State University have conducted studies that claim the benefits of therapy pets and tested, in this way, its reliability.

In Spain are already various hospitals and foundations that implement the use of animal-assisted therapies, always complementing the existing therapeutic process previously. The program of animal assisted therapy developed by the Mental Health Unit of the Hospital of Torrejon De Ardoz (Madrid), in collaboration with the Yaracan Association he has presented important findings like pet therapy applied to patients with involutional depression for six months reduces drug treatment in 60 % from the patients. Hospitals in different Spanish territory the presence of animals is also used to break the monotony of hospital admission and increase, in this way, positive emotions patients to feel safer, excited, happy. These visits reflected the affective-emotional bond that is created between patient and magical animal is so intense that influences the patient's stay is less hard and let off.

Ultimately we all benefit, besides the incredible love and companionship, it can bring an animal to the care of people and, more especially, people with health problems and older, something that seems crucial and highly recommended for maintaining good health or better.


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Continue our 8 Mental Health Challenges, Augusts this month, we talk about animals and their protection and prevention factor in mental health, Numerous studies point to the benefits that pets have on the mental health of people. Recently, a study was able to show as holding a dog or cat, or hamster, among others, brought on mental health benefits long term.

The researchers found that pets helped their owners to better manage their feelings and provided a powerful distraction from stress.

Some pets also proved useful in strengthening physical activity, like walking the dog, but also they allow them to socialize and interact with other pet owners.

So, researchers recommend strongly “these animals are considered as support in the treatment of mental health disorders“, for example, in the case of a depression.

Likewise, different studies are also pronounced on the benefits that pets have on the mental health of people. And is that when a pet is caressing, the body releases oxytocin, a hormone that has a calming effect on the brain, because it reduces stress and anxiety. There is also scientific evidence that points to spend time with animals, It makes hormones that make us feel good as serotonin and dopamine and reduces cortisol levels are released, stress hormone.

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The Spanish Association of Supported Employment (AESE) It adheres to the campaign 'X Solidaria companies', driven by the Spanish Committee of Representatives of People with Disabilities (CERMI) and the Third Sector Platform and expresses its commitment to it.

From Feafes Mental Health Caceres as partners AESE, We fully support this campaign and we intend to disseminate it through our media, to reach the largest possible number of companies.

This initiative will voluntarily allocate the 0,7% the corporate tax contribution to social projects, without being modified their contribution, this fund put in place by the General State Law 2018.

It is estimated that the 'X Solidarity Enterprises' benefit more than seven million people.

We continue with our advocacy, people aware that there is no health without mental health, this month will discuss the benefits of the rural environment in mental health.

According to recent studies grow in a green environment affects better mental health Adult. The study by researchers at the University of Aarhus, in Denmark, concludes that children who are in contact with nature have a 55% lower risk of developing various psychiatric illnesses, as anxiety or depression, later in life. Hence the need, They insist the authors of this work, to redesign cities to incorporate greener and more sustainable and healthy.

The study results add to the growing body of scientific evidence on how nature has a beneficial impact on human health, both physical and mental. And how urban environments, with all that noise behave, air pollution, stress and few green areas, increase the risk of developing many diseases, from obesity to cancer, through mental: known, for example, that the risk of developing schizophrenia for children growing up in highly urbanized environments is almost a 200% highest.

With this action we want to continue our work sensitization and reaching the largest possible number of people and to end the social stigma that carries with it have a Mental illness.

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Through the program ESSDEX we developed last year and then this year met the DEAF ASSOCIATION OF CACERES, his work, its goals, methodology and team that have led us to today, We continue to create network.

By signing Collaboration agreement between the president of APSCC, Angel Soria Corón and our president María del Mar Moreno Solis, to continue working together, reach more people, regardless of disability that you may come to have, to continue making a better world, more inclusive and fairer.

Because together we are stronger.

Solidarity hearts It is a perfect example of networking, since this project have worked together 4 social organizations, very different but united in the same objective. It is the fifth edition of this project, funded Social work of La Caixa. Started by AOEX and users of creative workshop Older center “Main Square”. In this latest edition they have been incorporated components Mental Health FEAFES Cáceres, as well as members of the Women's Association “Santa Rita” of Ahigal.

The project is based on elaborate heart-shaped cushions and fabric bags for drainage, in total they have been 200 heart-shaped cushions more 200 drainage bags, made with colorful fabrics and adapted to avoid problems of skin contact. It is already shown that this form of cushion alleviates much of their pain. In addition the hearts contain a nice touch: a card made by children from 4 Caceres schools. The card symbolizes motivational messages, cheerful and encouragement to the recipient.

They are delivered free of charge to people with breast cancer operated by the matrons of hospital wards. Therefore the 14 of June 2019 a ceremony will be held, where symbolically, It is to make delivery of 200 Representatives hearts and bags HIS.

We continue with the section 8 Mental Health Challenges this June where we will talk about job stress and healthy work environments.

Work-related stress is a type of stress associated with the scope of work that can be punctual or chronic, Although most cases respond to the second type mentioned

The demands and the Pressure at environment worksL each They are higher, long working hours, the difficulty of reconciling work and family life, uncertainty about the job etc.. All this is a good breeding ground for stress is increasing, prevention and treatment remain essential to handle the most appropriate way.

A healthy work environment is one in which workers and managers collaborate in a process of continuous improvement to promote and protect health, safety and welfare of workers and the sustainability of the work environment.

The World Health Organization proposed to stress as a disease of the XXI century, and throughout their impact on mental health, from Feafes we continue raising awareness to mitigate and prevent work-related stress and promoting healthy work environments.

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FEAFES Mental Health Cáceres, He has been working for the benefit of Persons with Mental Illness from 1990, launching various awareness campaigns, working for family care and managing various resources as a Residential Rehabilitation Center a Center for Social Integration, Leisure and free time, a Program of Rehabilitation and Work Placement, Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation, Volunteering, Social responsability, Family Respite Center, among others.

Today we take a little step trying to make the invisible visible and to raise public awareness that there is no health without mental health and as we are in the XXI century, era of Internet and new technologies we believe the best way to reach people is through these. Therefore we start with the new section on website and social networks 8 Mental Health Challenges, where each month will be treated on mental health in different areas and sectors of society, and that mental health is transversal and affects us all.

With this action we want to continue our work sensitization and reaching the largest possible number of people and to end the social stigma that carries with it have a Mental illness.

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