Mental Health Feafes-Cáceres, within its mission, It aims to start up social enterprises in our region, which they are an instrument of employment and opportunities for people with disabilities and with special social needs, from a vision of social impact and environmental special care.

ESSDEX, It is a Development Project Social Entrepreneurship IN THE FIELD OF DISABILITY IN THE FIELD OF SOCIAL SERVICES EXTREMADURA, under the Directorate General of Social Economy and funded through the European Social Fund.

The project is presented on Tuesday 30 October at 10.30 hours at the Museum of History and Culture "Casa Pedrilla", city ​​of Caceres, and have the presence of the General Managers of Social Economy and Social Policy of the Junta de Extremadura, the Head of the Entrepreneurship of the Directorate General for Enterprise and Competitiveness, Councilor for Social Affairs of the City of Caceres Area Congresswoman New Technologies of the Provincial de Cáceres, Social Economy organizations in Extremadura, Entrepreneurs, Technical ... etc.

During the day of presentation of the project interventions being carried out around the Social Entrepreneurship in the disability sector in Extremadura from Feafes Mental Health will be presented Cáceres , from the Junta de Extremadura, Cáceres Provincial Council, Caceres City Council.

Currently the Social Entrepreneurship is in growth phase at Spanish and European level; this movement being located on the axis of the economy and society in the European Union . Social economy represents between 15 and the 17% GDP and employment in the European Union.

Some of the activities included in the project are:

Social entrepreneurship workshops aimed at students, Vocational students social branch, colleges, associations, foundations , itineraries support and training to entrepreneurs and entities of the social economy, guide social entrepreneurship and disability…etc.

We invite from the 10.30 at the press conference presenting the project ESSDEX.

Place: Museum of History and Culture (House Pedrilla)

On the day of presentation, where you can share with the group of participants the development opportunities we have in Extremadura, Face to launch social enterprises in the field of social services and the importance of these social enterprises in the social and labor integration of people in vulnerable situations, giving value to participants support from different spheres of management to promote growth of the social economy in our land as a means of generating employment opportunities , settlement in rural areas and combating depopulation.

La Caixa and FEAFES MENTAL HEALTH CÁCERES have signed a cooperation agreement to promote labor inclusion of people with severe mental illness through the profiling method. This is the novelty of a collaboration that has been repeated for years. The profiling method is to seek employment according to user profiles for their experience before illness, their tastes and abilities, and demands requested by companies. Feafes with professionals responsible for providing training and social skills, In addition to contacting with companies and ensures no abandonment in the workplace. La Caixa intended for this program 23.400 euros and will benefit 45 people directly and others 450, indirectly.

The president of Mental Health Feafes Cáceres, Mª del Mar Moreno Solis thanked the bank this “invaluable assistance” with which they can benefit their users An initial assessment based on the profiling method will allow, based on the interests, particular capacities and potentialities, establishing individualized insertion pathways in ordinary mercadolaboral.

Throughout the development of this itinerary encaminades activities will be developed to enhance the empowerment, the emotional aspects and pre-work skills, finding jobs, and analysis of the demand for their tasks.

Bankia in Action supports the employment of people with mental health problems The 85% l as people affected by mental disorders with recognition of degree of disability in Spain does not have a job, As it has shown Feafes Employment in the IV Congress last days 14 Y 15 February in Madrid. And many people are still having a severe mental disorder diagnosis, It has recognized a degree of disability, which makes them be in “no man's land”, with more difficulties than the rest of the population without access to compensatory measures.

MENTAL HEALTH FEAFES CÁCERES leads 15 years managing a Center for Rehabilitation and Job Placement in Caceres order to change this situation by improving the employability of the collective.

The difficulties of employment can be found in one or more of the following process steps (choice, access, performance and maintenance of a job), as well as the difficulties arising from the disorder or medication, the reality of the labor market or the existence of the stigma associated with mental health problems.

Bankia in Action supports the employment of people with health problems mental.Ha wanted, through its Solidarity Network, MENTAL HEALTH FEAFS support this work CÁCERES 2017 1000 € and 2018 3800 €