Responses to anxiety in first person

Sergio González de Zárate, Computer engineer

Many years ago, an unknown problem would come into my life to destabilize completely. I did not know what it was that happened to me, but an unknown and excessive collection of symptoms that accompany me in this, no one had sought, but I just found face to face anxiety.

It would cost me time, sweat and tears, accept. And the process would be hard not only to live with her but above all for overcoming ...

But that stage, of that struggle to overcome the duel that life had put before me, discover lessons and tools that would make me a much stronger person and conscious. I had become someone who knew much better, understood recognize known weaknesses, but also the strengths, and especially use everything was on me to get to make my life, that I have always liked to live.

In this way, after overcoming anxiety that first and complicated, I would become someone able to pursue their dreams. Some of these already knew and soon get to realize, others would create on the fly, and among them would bear a book, a manual that would have helped me recognize this problem before buzzed my life, a book which was called to anxiety, trying to help many people to recognize that everything they need to overcome anxiety, I have always had within themselves.

Time has passed, time in which to anxiety has become a reference in which many people find support and comfort, and especially some light, to this complicated disorder is anxiety.

This article will try to summarize some of the answers to the most common questions among those who suffer or have suffered anxiety, obtaining these needs through my own social networks, in which more than 50000 people together to share their own experiences and find support, comfort, and many more people who can help them understand how anxiety, and hateful symptoms, They are much more common than, all those who suffer, We can think.

we started:

What is anxiety?

Anxiety is, basically, defense system that all humans have, a mechanism that has helped the human species has survived.

It happens when, before a real danger or a life situation, our body reacts to prepare for fight or flight, actions that keep us safe or get to perform that task or action we feel indispensable to our existence.

Anxiety as a disorder, or the anxiety that my book and many other concerns, it is considered that state of anxiety in which our body remains altered considering that there is a threat that does not exist, a false alarm that is maintained over time and conditions as ordinary aspects and little dangerous as can be, go out, get a lift, or entering a crowded place.

How can recognize the anxiety and rule out other diseases?

Anxiety or rather, Anxiety Disorder, It presupposes the existence of a large set of demonstrations, so varied that they can be grouped into different groups. physical symptoms (sweating, tachycardia, hyperventilation, etc…), psychological (restlessness, sense of threat, rumination of thoughts, fear of death ...), of conduct (hypervigilance, locks, clumsiness, etc…) , social (irritability, ensimismamiento, excessive fear of conflict, etc…) and intellectual or cognitive (focus or concentration difficulties, susceptibility, etc…).

The best way I know to recognize it is to admit that there is no other disease that encompasses so many varied symptoms like those listed here and we feel, understand that the problem is intensified if we focus on your symptoms and accept that in any other pathology (or mental or physical), Fear warns us about it.

Anxiety and its symptoms will keep you alert and worried, or by trying to trick you grow your hypochondria. Many times you believe to be suffering from something else, but all this will be just another sign of the only reality: not suffer nothing but anxiety.

What types of anxiety disorders exist?

There are several types of anxiety disorders, many of which, for its difficulty (not to be confused with danger), it may be more convenient to seek professional help.

Specific phobias (to the death, disease, objects, animals, etc…) is the most common type of anxiety. There is also a generalized anxiety disorder, OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), social phobia, Panic Disorder, posttraumatic stress disorder and agoraphobia.

Do anxiolytics can eliminate anxiety?

Anxiolytics can reduce some of your symptoms and make living easier, but beware, They never solve the problem themselves.

They should be used for both prescription and dosage for consumption, and generating dependence and tolerance (the same dose increasingly less effects) and it is advisable not to leave them drastically to avoid suffering complications or panic attacks .

What would be the first step to combat?

Accept and learn to live with it.

If you do not accept we are flying blind and every step we take we will not give in the right direction, adding to both the problem and its solution.

Once accepted will touch us to take responsibility not only for ourselves but also for our improvement, and there is no better way to start our own therapy, learning to live with the symptoms of anxiety (which not disappear overnight), and trying to regulate, thereby manage how we react to all situations that cause us anxiety.

Is recommended counseling and medication?

In many cases, especially depending on the type of anxiety and time to relocate living with her, And, fully advisable.

If we suffer from OCD, agoraphobia or panic frequent crises, It is easy to understand that our head keeps limiting or obsessive ideas that are not easy to treat or reduce, That is why in all these cases where anxiety greatly limits our life, there is no better help to seek help, making the road a much easier and enjoyable, leaving advised by people who best understand not only the disorder but also the most appropriate methods for our case.

In many of these cases, psychological therapy is often accompanied by medication, either anxiolytics to reduce some of the symptoms and panic attacks, as antidepressants very suitable for treating phobias or obsessive.

And out of one of the book's advice to anxiety What does it mean that everything I need is within me?

I think anyone who has faced and overcome an anxiety disorder, you can be with me that one of the great lessons you get out of this complicated period with anxiety, is that both therapy and the tools that really make us get out of this complicated disorder, start from within each person.

Nothing will change if you do not change, a truth that shows us that we touch any way to go, you must from our own feet.

Anxiety is one of these paths, a disorder that leaves no room for a different answer to our own action. Nothing will inflate to pills or postpone the need for change, so the sooner we get to work much sooner overcome the problem and get better live with the problem.

And during that personal work that will get get a better version of ourselves, we learn to live with these horrible symptoms that accompany us on the road, making seek physical and mental improvement, that not only make us feel physically stronger, but especially mentally, changing the way we see the problem, and thus beginning to see some light to this darkness.

As I never tire of repeating both the book and to anyone seeking support or advice to combat anxiety. There will come a time when you must decide responsibility for your life and your happiness, a moment that can start right now, why smiles and begins to feel the change, It is time that passes to action.

No one can or should blame the health system such as anxiety problems have now become a real epidemic.

It would be totally impossible to attend as due to each of the persons suffering from a mental disorder, Thus, more important than a professional to devote to each of those with anxiety, would prescribe more books and fewer drugs.

Give more and better information for people to understand what anxiety is and how it works, helping them understand that it is within themselves where they can find their best medicine.

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