CHALLENGE 1. The power of expectations?

According to Royal Spanish Academy, expectations are hoping to make or get something, and the reasonable possibility of something happening. We spend our lives constantly and are waiting for things or actions by others, as, for example: sure my friend Laura make me a gift because we have long time no see. Most of the time we make these assumptions without being aware of them, since they are part of our daily lives.

But nevertheless, What happens when we have expectations of something or someone and not met? Are we frustrated the situation reconducimos? Most of the time we usually have feelings of frustration and we have looked forward to for something to happen. This may be due to frustration that we set goals at that time would cost a lot of effort achieve, as the "New Year's", as defendants in these dates.

Is quite positive set goals in life to try to get them, but so that we can achieve would be advisable to follow the following steps:

  • Delimit the / target / s we want to achieve.
  • The proposed objectives are realistic and achievable.
  • Better make it simple, simple and achievable short term.
  • Following a planning, so that it is easier for us to achieve the goals set.
  • Make a list of things we like and choose from that list to the least three to make in the next month.

Following these recommendations will be closer to feel fulfilled with ourselves and those around us, besides taking care of our mental health.

And you, What you set out for this year?


Mª Pilar Cáceres Pachón
Psychologist / Technical director
Center for Rehabilitation and Work Placement
Mental Health Feafes-Cáceres