CHALLENGE 2. And you, Do you manage your emotions?

According to World Health Organization "health emotional it is defined as a state of well-being in which the individual is aware of his own abilities, can cope with the normal stresses of life, he can work productively and fruitfully and is able to make a contribution to his community. ”

The society in which we live and the way of facing the things that happen to us, they dictate how we feel and manage our emotions. The lack of emotional education from a young age and the subsequent consequences that we can experience from it, cause us to have a series of difficulties such as the lack of emotional control (impulsiveness) or emotional identification.

Thus, a series of aspects to be taken into account are recommended to learn how to develop emotional well-being appropriate to our lives.

  1. Create a journal of emotions to become aware of them. in this way, we can create an emotional escape route where we can express ourselves privately to ourselves.
  2. We must allow myself to express and feel emotions because each of them provides us with information and can help us understand each other better.
  3. We must give importance to the language we use with emotions through the body and words.
  4. Use meditation as a way to relax body and mind. We can attend emotional management workshops, practice mindfulnes and / or yoga.
  5. The above can be combined with sports practice, either outdoors or some gym, to release tension.

To avoid misunderstandings, we can implement the active listening as a way of understanding in a debate with other people. further, focusing positive thoughts and controlling negative ones can lead to better emotional management.

All these are only recommendations and / or guidelines to have a adequate and adapted emotional well-being to our lives.

And you, Do you dare to feel?



Mª Pilar Cáceres Pachón
Psychologist / Technical director
Center for Rehabilitation and Work Placement
Mental Health Feafes-Cáceres