CHALLENGE 3. “Quiet you are NOT prettier”

"Calladita you are NOT prettier"

They tell you to fight, what do you have to demonstrate, you have to be more, a fit woman, let it work, take care of your family and have time to always be perfect.


It would be perfect if we did not have to constantly demonstrate that we are good professionals, good people, good daughters, good sisters, aunts, nieces, that we are women.


Always in the background. Always behind. Without making much noise. Without noise, but not without moving. Because even in the shadows we have managed to reach very high peaks. We are who we are for those who in the past fought for our place in society. Because they didn't shut up. Because they couldn't silence their voices.

Because there is no one to stop this scream.

no, Quiet you are NOT prettier.
You are beautiful when you fight,
When you fight for yours,
When you don't shut up
And your words bites,
When you open your mouth
And everything burns around you.

no, Quiet you are NOT prettier,
But a little bit more dead,
And if I know something about you
I have not seen anyone,
With so much desire to live.

Arde - Miguel Gane.


Mª Pilar Cáceres Pachón
Psychologist / Technical director
Labor Rehabilitation Center.