CHALLENGE 6. Suicide

Continue our 8 Mental Health Challenges, this October, Day Month Mental Health, in which this year's theme on which awareness is suicide attempts.

The suicide, like any manifestation of violence, It is not exclusive of mental illness. Unlike, are rather frequent acts among people who do not have recognized any mental illness.

Suicide is a very important health issue. It is estimated that there are around one million suicides a year worldwide and that for every completed suicide there are between 15 a 20 unconsummated suicides, which would result from 15 Y 20 million annual suicide attempts. These frightening figures give us an idea of ​​the importance of this phenomenon worldwide.

In all countries of the world suicide it is among the top ten causes of death. In countries where it is most prevalent USA, Canada, Japan, Northern and Eastern Europe is around 11,6 suicides per 100.000 inhabitants and Latin America is the 5,6 per hundred thousand inhabitants.

Men commit suicide three times more than women, but they make three times more tentative than men. The risk of suicide increases with age but in absolute numbers there are more among young.

We could say that risk groups are adolescence, old people, frail or vital periods of crisis, Persons under extreme demand situations, people with mental illness and between people with depression, schizophrenia and people who consume toxic substances. But nevertheless, Suicide is not an act of mental illness but may be present in any person.

Suicide is a radical and disproportionately to escape when these difficulties are experienced with despair and incapacitation or are experienced when generating an intolerable amount of distress, from abroad or of the person. One way or another, It is always present the other (another person), for more individual and loner who present.