12 Healthy Mental Health Challenges

FEAFES Mental Health Cáceres, He has been working for the benefit of Persons with Mental Illness from 1990, launching various awareness campaigns, working for family care and managing various resources as a Residential Rehabilitation Center a Center for Social Integration, leisure and free time, a Program of Rehabilitation and Work Placement, Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation, Volunteering, Social responsability, Family Respite Center, among others.

Since May last year, we are implementing a new section on the website and in our social networks addressing mental health from different areas and sectors of society, project which was called 8 Mental Health Challenges. Due to the great reception given to this section, we wanted to continue giving a touch of innovation, while maintaining the essence of the initial project. Ahead 12 months of publication in social networks as well as on-site workshops, in which we discuss different issues on mental health care.

Realizing this project we want to continue our work sensitization Y awareness on mental health, so we can help remove the social stigma associated with having a mental disorder.

This year we decided to address the following issues: expectations, emotional expression, gender violence, social integration, families, job, living place, relaxation and volunteering.

We can follow on social networks with the hashtag #12RetosSMS