"We can always get up again, however strong the falls "

Many times, social stigma and discrimination in mental health are an obstacle to people with mental disorders must face during their path to employment.

Angel Manuel Moreno It has spent years overcoming this social taboo. With their hard work, this extremeño It has shown that people with mental health problems are as qualified as any other to develop a job.

Today we talk with him to tell us how was the process of social integration of hand incorporates Mental Health Program.

Starting a new life in the hands of Mental Health Incorporates

When Angel Manuel became part of the Association FEAFES Cáceres, Incorporates collaborating enterprise program, their situation will be reconsidered in relation to the labor market and decided that mental health problems would not be an obstacle in your life.

Thus, from the moment he chose to participate in the different activities from the company they were carried out to promote the employability of groups with mental health problems.

"I started my process of reintegration after the first appearance of mental health problem, participating in various workshops and sessions. Over the months, and I was more accustomed to the new situation and eager to return to work and have a slightly more active life ", Angel Manuel tells us about the first steps in the process of employment.

After this first phase, when in 2013 He felt ready to start job hunting, Extremadura decided to start his career with It incorporates Mental Health, program already knew thanks to the mediation of the Association FEAFES Cáceres. At first, Angel Manuel insertion and technical work focused on the curriculum of the frontier and completion of studies he had started. “When the mental health problem manifested itself first, I was studying the training cycle Administration and Finance Higher Level. Years later, in February 2016, I end with technique support. I felt very well, because he believed that never end”, recalls Angel Manuel.

The importance of employment for people with mental health problems

The first job search Angel Manuel was a success: Not only job placement reached two months after participating for the first time in the mental health program, but, further, still working in the same company that hired, over five years.

This job allowed him to improve their employment situation, but also their mental and emotional wellbeing, proving that stability and occupation are factors that positively influence mental health. "Since I started in Mental Health Incorporates, I feel I've gotten back to integrated, knowing that I can work as well or better than it did before. I have learned that we can always rise again, however strong the falls. "

Today you can say you have a job where you feel motivated, he has opened the door to new professional and personal challenges facing forward, and that, further, It allows you to enjoy your free time.

It incorporates the work of Mental Health

The case of Angel Manuel is just one of many examples that blow down the taboos on people with mental health problems and, specifically, those having to do with the mental health in enterprises. Throughout all these years of work, It has been more than confirmed the confidence that those responsible have at it.

For all the achievements and the treatment received before and after insertion, Extremadura not hesitate to express his gratitude to the Mental Health program incorporates. "The insertion techniques have always been very nice and likeable. […] further, They have been worried about me at times when I was not in the city ". And adds: "I am very satisfied with the program incorporates Mental Health and hopefully stay there long. Definitely, It incorporates the technical help and guide us enormously ".

Source: https://www.incorpora.org/detalle-actualidad/insercion-laboral-personas-problemas-salud-mental-gracias-programa-incorpora