Through the program ESSDEX we developed last year and then this year met the DEAF ASSOCIATION OF CACERES, his work, its goals, methodology and team that have led us to today, We continue to create network.

By signing Collaboration agreement between the president of APSCC, Angel Soria Corón and our president María del Mar Moreno Solis, to continue working together, reach more people, regardless of disability that you may come to have, to continue making a better world, more inclusive and fairer.

Because together we are stronger.

  • During the year 2018, program integration of people with special difficulties in finding employment has grown thanks to the collaboration of 292 extremeñas companies in this social responsibility project.
  • "La Caixa" has renewed collaboration agreement to develop the program 12 Extremadura social organizations dedicated to the employment of vulnerable groups, such as people with disabilities, youth at risk of exclusion, victims of gender violence, long-term unemployed and ex-prisoners, among others.

Badajoz, 6 February 2019
. - The labor integration program "la Caixa", incorporates, facilitated 740 Job positions Extremadura vulnerable people throughout 2018, against the 659 of 2017 (+12%). This has been possible thanks to the involvement of 292 extremeñas companies in this social responsibility project.

Of the 740 inserts conducted during 2018 through the program incorporates in Extremadura, 348 have been women Y 392, mens. further, 203 insertions have been people with disability, Y 537 of people or at risk of exclusion.

"La Caixa" has renewed the collaboration agreement to develop the program incorporates 12 social organizations Extremadura devoted to the employment of people with special difficulties in finding work. specific, entities collaborating with the program are:

Athena Foundation (coordinating body); Gypsy Secretariat Foundation, Merida-Badajoz Caritas; COCEMFE Badajoz; Caritas Coria-Caceres; Spanish Red Cross, CAEX, Caritas Plasencia; COCEMFE Cáceres; FEAFES Cáceres; Sorapan Foundation Rieros; FEIDEX Foundation.

It incorporates offers companies a free advisory service and accompaniment actions Social responsability, in this case focused on the employment of people in vulnerable situations, as persons with disabilities, youth at risk of exclusion, victims of gender violence, long-term unemployed and ex-prisoners, among others.

It incorporates main objective building bridges between companies and social organizations engaged in work integration in order to create a climate of understanding and collaboration between the two that results in opportunities for those in need.


Technicians employment, key figures

The job developer is an essential figure in the program incorporates. It determines the success of both the person hired as the contracting company. In the case of Extremadura, It has created a network 25 of these professionals.

Inserting each person in the labor market is a personalized process It is including simultaneous and subsequent actions to recruitment. Among the tasks performed by technicians employment prospecting companies are included, monitoring the process of forming the beneficiary, the labor support for people inserted, resolving potential conflicts that may arise in the context of the employment relationship and encouraging collaboration of new enterprises with the program.

FEAFES-CÁCERES, He has been working for the benefit of Persons with Mental Illness from 1990, launching various awareness campaigns, working for family care and managing various resources as a Residential Rehabilitation Center a Center for Social Integration, leisure and free time, a Program of Rehabilitation and Work Placement, Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation, Volunteering, Social responsability, Family Respite Center, among others.

The Foundation has its origin in a firm commitment to Cooprado social values ​​of cooperation and mutual help, The responsability, democracy, equality, equity and solidarity, It intended as a tool to continue working for social integration, innovation and improving the image of agriculture and livestock.

On Wednesday 6 March 2019, will take place in Casar de Cáceres signed cooperation agreement between the Cooperative and COOPRADO Feafes Mental Health Association Cáceres, in the promotion of improved social integration of people and families with mental health problems.

The agreement is to undertake social initiatives and inclusive, in raising awareness and participation in workshops, calls and actions in achieving the aims of both entities. Thus the Foundation COOPRADO provides the group of people with mental health problems the opportunity to participate in cultural activities, tourism and community in a rural setting; and the creation of workshops in promoting rehabilitation and employment, networking with other companies and / or entities of the territory. In addition to the assignment of spaces.


This agreement, has said Vergeles, It has a special role Volunteer Platform Extremadura that will make connecting link between the Administration and the signatory organizations.

He said that the III Integral Mental Health Plan includes among its objectives Extremadura the boost and create "something that we absolutely fundamental" that is the Volunteer Network of Extremadura Mental Health.

Vergeles explained that so far the volunteer work she did each of these associations locally, regional or provincial, "But there was no coordination mechanism established, no organized plan so that it could create a network that would allow the voluntary action in the field of mental health is exercised with true effectiveness for the person and family of the person with mental health disorder ".

He recalled that the slogan III Integral Plan is "Making network" and commented that there are two fundamental objectives, as they are weaving a network of sufficient care resources for health and social care for the full life of these people and keep working to end the stigma of mental health problems.

The Minister has indicated that volunteering in the field of mental health has some unique characteristics that has nothing to do with volunteering being done in other social problems.

In this sense, It has been said that volunteering not only to people who have a mental health problem to the family stays in the support or, but it is known for organizing awareness activities, awareness, social participation for understanding and eliminating stigma and suffering these people said that "comes very well that volunteers have or undergo a mental health problem because there are those who empathize".

Signing of a volunteer AGREEMENT

According to the agreement, the Junta de Extremadura is committed to promote the implementation of voluntary action on devices care Mental Health in Extremadura; promote specific training of volunteers in Mental Health, through the inclusion of courses of similar content in their training plans, using the different possibilities; and encourage ongoing training to volunteers in Mental Health for acquiring new knowledge and skills.

Likewise, raise awareness on the need to participate and collaborate as volunteers in Mental Health, promoting the eradication of stigma and improving the image of people with mental health problems and their families; and promote coordination between all signatories to the agreement to the best performing voluntary action.

Meanwhile, associations undertake to further develop the objectives of mental health volunteer III Comprehensive Mental Health Plan of Extremadura 2016-2020, informing and sensitizing the society of Extremadura values ​​of volunteering Mental Health and the opportunities they have to participate through it.

A key element will be the preparation of the annual report of Volunteering in Mental Health, to be presented at the Regional Mental Health Council.

They also undertake to ensure proper management of the phases of the itinerary of volunteers who exercise voluntary action in each and every one of the entities that have signed this agreement; and deepen the knowledge of volunteering Mental Health, promoting study and analysis, and reflect on their role and impact in this area and as a tool for transforming society and eradicate the stigma associated with mental illness.

Consolidate and improve coordination and networking among all stakeholders involved in volunteering Mental Health in Extremadura participating in the coordination structures and design plans or other aspects that are designed or programmed; and evaluate and consider accession of new entities Mental Health.


José María Vergeles recalled that during this term has been launched EXTREMEÑO OBSERVATORY OF VOLUNTEERS He has conducted a study in which the agreement signed today is based.

According to this document, The 77 percent of voluntary activity is often regional or local; The 92 percent of the entities "had already sought to coordinate life and belonged to organizations or federations"; and the 31 percent of volunteer action is done in social insertion programs.

The Minister said that the profile of the volunteer is, mostly, women aged between 31 and the 65 years remaining in the voluntary action for many years, that is to say, is stable.

Regarding the activities undertaken, They are engaged in 77 percent to encourage a healthy leisure and free time for people who have a mental health problem; in a 54 percent to raising awareness about the problem; and a 38 percent to escort home.


Signing of a volunteerThey have signed the agreement Managing Director of the Extremadura Health Service (HIS), Ceciliano Franco; and the managing director of SEPAD, Serrano consolation; the president of the Volunteers Platform Extremadura, Jesus Gumiel; the presidents of the Association of Families and Persons with Mental Illness Merida, Zafra, Cáceres Coria, Ines de la Rosa Montero, Angela Zoido Tintoré, María del Mar Moreno Solis and Maria Redondo Vaquero, respectively.

The president of the Association of Families and Persons with Mental Illness Almendralejo, and the Association of Families and Persons with Mental Illness Extremadura, Inés Rangel Váquez; President of the Association of Families and Persons with Mental Illness Plasencia, Paniagua Núñez Urbano; and the president of the Association of Families and Persons with Mental Illness Calma, Olga de Miguel Bermejo.

Likewise, President of the Association of Persons with Mental Illness for Social Integration, Manuel Fernández Pacheco; President of the Association for the Integration of Persons with Mental Illness, Casiano White Casallo; President of the Association of Families and Persons with Mental Illness of Badajoz, Teresa Caldito Botello; the director-manager of the Clinic San Migue -Line Psychosocial Rehabilitation. Hospitaller sisters, Cristina Polidura Arm; and the Episcopal Delegate for the Pastoral Care, José Manuel Alvarez Maqueda.