CRL-CIS Workshops Week 28 al 2 OCTOBER

Good morning everyone.

Due to the health situation that we are experiencing and in anticipation, we reduce the capacity of the workshops to 5 people, with repetition of the same 2 times a day, both morning and afternoon.

We send you the calendar with the workshops that will be held at the Labor Rehabilitation Center (CRL) NEXT WEEK of the 28 from SEPTEMBER to 02 OCTOBER.

Then, as always we develop the workshops.

The Monday we started with the Typing Workshop, What will Angel teach?.

The Tuesday We continue with the Active Job Search Workshop, what will Fernando teach.

With respect to Wednesday, The Time Organization Workshop will be given, in which we will examine what time we use for the different activities of daily life.

The Thursday the Workshop on Labor Social Skills will be given.

the Friday They will be used for face-to-face assistance.

As you know to be able to attend the workshops you MUST call 927 21 39 52, EVERY WEEK, with 3 days in advance.

We want to thank those of you who have participated this time in the workshops. It is very pleasant to find people who care about themselves and who are involved in collaboration with the activities and professionals of the center.. Many thanks.

No more, we hope to see you around here.

a greeting. CRL and CIS technical team