V Edition of Hearts Solidarity

Solidarity hearts It is a perfect example of networking, since this project have worked together 4 social organizations, very different but united in the same objective. It is the fifth edition of this project, funded Social work of La Caixa. Started by AOEX and users of creative workshop Older center “Main Square”. In this latest edition they have been incorporated components Mental Health FEAFES Cáceres, as well as members of the Women's Association “Santa Rita” of Ahigal.

The project is based on elaborate heart-shaped cushions and fabric bags for drainage, in total they have been 200 heart-shaped cushions more 200 drainage bags, made with colorful fabrics and adapted to avoid problems of skin contact. It is already shown that this form of cushion alleviates much of their pain. In addition the hearts contain a nice touch: a card made by children from 4 Caceres schools. The card symbolizes motivational messages, cheerful and encouragement to the recipient.

They are delivered free of charge to people with breast cancer operated by the matrons of hospital wards. Therefore the 14 of June 2019 a ceremony will be held, where symbolically, It is to make delivery of 200 Representatives hearts and bags HIS.