social volunteering, a way of understanding life

Social volunteering is a way of understanding life, an attitude that seeks to build a more humane society, inclusive and foremost, solidarity. It is based on the awareness that we are interdependent, and that our destiny is somehow tied to the fate of others. Have the motivation and hope that this reality is not immutable and that our performance, however small it is, will cause changes in society, always complex and dynamic.

Volunteering has always been present in our organization. In fact, the origin of our Association is marked by voluntario.A work over the years its role and functions have taken different forms, why we have created a specific volunteer program in order to frame the voluntary action, collaboration, this is of quality and minimum standards.


Promote citizen participation.
Promote awareness through voluntary activities.
Provide professional support in specific tasks.

What you can join the volunteer?

  • To support the professional execution of workshops.
  • In the design and delivery of workshops.
  • In accompaniment to users.
  • As support staff in activities outside the center, as well as World Mental Health Day, Sports days, Iberdrola party, Inclusiva council, etc.
  • As support staff in dissemination workshops, as Volunteer Day or others that may arise.

What are we looking for?

We look for people who are willing to learn and know the group with which we work, open minded.

Although certain tasks specific training needed, There are different activities taking place that may come as any volunteer despite not having a linked to the social services sector and community training.

Calls for the volunteer have social skills, empathy, eager to learn, respectful, and all those basic skills and abilities to perform volunteer work in people with mental health problems.

Is there training is needed?

It is important to know the group with which we will participate, therefore the entity responsible for training the volunteer both group and individually and specific.

What it gives us volunteering Mental Health FEAFES-Cáceres?

Brings new insights and mindset that will be critical to innovate and improve.
It provides support for both the professional and the wearer.
brings experience, fresh air and great joy.

How I can become a volunteer / a?

If you have any questions or want to start as a volunteer and get more information, You can contact the person responsible for volunteering, by phone number 687 404 785 (preferential hours on Tuesdays 17:00h a 20:00h) or by email to: